About The Old Mill Woodshop, LLC

We are a family owned & operated business. We started custom building cabinets and furniture in 1987 from our home. In the following years, as our business expanded, we outgrew the limited space in our garage. We moved to our present location in 2002 under a new name "The Old Mill Woodshop, LLC". We now have an 8400 sq.ft. Building which made it possible to have a showroom, office and a large area for the woodshop. Presently, we have two full time employees.

The majority of our products are built from lumber that is harvested from our privately owned forest. We cut the timber, saw the logs, and dry the lumber in our dehumidification dry kiln. This ensures that we control the quality of our lumber, Therefore the cabinets and furniture we build are from the finest quality materials. Your custom built piece will last and look beautiful for a lifetime.

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